lost in reverie .

lost in reverie .

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I was really hesitant in uploading this video.. this was a project I worked on some months ago that was very close to my heart . Made this piece as a gift for someone who was very special to me . haven’t watched it in a while since i’ve had it locked away . so strange seeing it now after some time . 

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed creating it .

Directed, shot, and edited by Alex Nguyen .

much love .

Passionately Yours,


"just give me those slow kisses .."

"nobody’s perfect .. but you’re perfect for me ."

here’s my latest class piece that i taught to my tuesday class this week to “Nobody’s Perfect” by J. Cole ft. Missy Elliot . 

"your kisses hold me hostage.. and i don’t wanna stop it ."

here’s my latest class piece i taught tonight to “only wanna give it to you” by elle varner . much love to everyone who came to take class ! 

‎”no more mr. nice guy .. call me mr. nice watch”

never let people bring you down and get in the way of your success . stay hungry .

here’s my latest class piece that i taught tonight to J. Cole’s “Mr. Nice Watch” . much love to everyone who took class tonight and for bein hype as hell !

much love to my iNERT!A and Strictly Funk homies for killin it !

"you gotta know .. you know that i adore you .”

my latest piece to “Adorn” by Miguel that i taught on valentine’s day .

dedicated to my beautiful valentine . 

"beep beep like a trucka !"

haha . check out my latest class piece to “Strip” by Chris Brown . taught this to my class this past tuesday, everyone was groovin ! much love to everyone who took class that night, and to you for watching ! 

peep my latest class video to the “Ante Up” remix by M.O.P. and Busta Rhymes ! class was LIVE that night ! 

decided to start up a new youtube channel since my old one of 3 years was terminated (sadface) .. so here’s my latest class piece to “All The Way” by Craig David ! show my new channel some love por favor !