lost in reverie .

lost in reverie .

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"just give me those slow kisses .."

"nobody’s perfect .. but you’re perfect for me ."

here’s my latest class piece that i taught to my tuesday class this week to “Nobody’s Perfect” by J. Cole ft. Missy Elliot . 

"your kisses hold me hostage.. and i don’t wanna stop it ."

here’s my latest class piece i taught tonight to “only wanna give it to you” by elle varner . much love to everyone who came to take class ! 

‎”no more mr. nice guy .. call me mr. nice watch”

never let people bring you down and get in the way of your success . stay hungry .

here’s my latest class piece that i taught tonight to J. Cole’s “Mr. Nice Watch” . much love to everyone who took class tonight and for bein hype as hell !

much love to my iNERT!A and Strictly Funk homies for killin it !

"beep beep like a trucka !"

haha . check out my latest class piece to “Strip” by Chris Brown . taught this to my class this past tuesday, everyone was groovin ! much love to everyone who took class that night, and to you for watching ! 

peep my latest class video to the “Ante Up” remix by M.O.P. and Busta Rhymes ! class was LIVE that night ! 

decided to start up a new youtube channel since my old one of 3 years was terminated (sadface) .. so here’s my latest class piece to “All The Way” by Craig David ! show my new channel some love por favor ! 

"tell me how my nature feels .."

my piece to “Nature Feels” by Frank Ocean that i taught for my workshop for the Strictly Funk Master Class series on Dec. 11th :] much love and thank you to everyone who came to take class and support ! 

"so young .. and full of running, 

 all the way to the edge of desire ..

 steady not breathing, silently screaming ..

 i have to have you now ..

 wired and i’m tired..

 think i’ll sleep in my clothes on the floor ..

 or maybe this mattress .. will spin on its axis ..

 and find me on yours ?”

this is my piece to “Edge Of Desire” by John Mayer that i taught my class this week . so happy to see my dancers really getting into the choreography ! making this particular piece just kinda .. came together organically . got a lot on my mind lately and just reflecting on some things in the past really contributed to how i interpreted this song . hope you guys like it . 

‎”love me, love me .. say that you’ll love me !”

here’s a little piece about “summer love” that  i choreographed and performed with the lovely miss jerlyn phan back in June for the SCDA summer show . had a lot of fun with this one, hope you all do too ! comment, like, subscribe, RT, reblog if you please !

"i blame it on the model broad with the hollywood smile…"

here’s my latest piece to Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” ! meant to do something to this song a loooong time ago .. but yeah, taught this one to my class this week . 

hope yall enjoy it !