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lost in reverie .

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I was really hesitant in uploading this video.. this was a project I worked on some months ago that was very close to my heart . Made this piece as a gift for someone who was very special to me . haven’t watched it in a while since i’ve had it locked away . so strange seeing it now after some time . 

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed creating it .

Directed, shot, and edited by Alex Nguyen .

much love .

Passionately Yours,


"would have been gone like the wayward wind .. if it hadn’t been for love ."

my piece to adele’s cover of “if it hadn’t been for love” that i taught for my strictly funk master class over the weekend . much love and many thanks to everyone who came out to take class .. you were all nothing short of beautiful .

"so young .. and full of running, 

 all the way to the edge of desire ..

 steady not breathing, silently screaming ..

 i have to have you now ..

 wired and i’m tired..

 think i’ll sleep in my clothes on the floor ..

 or maybe this mattress .. will spin on its axis ..

 and find me on yours ?”

this is my piece to “Edge Of Desire” by John Mayer that i taught my class this week . so happy to see my dancers really getting into the choreography ! making this particular piece just kinda .. came together organically . got a lot on my mind lately and just reflecting on some things in the past really contributed to how i interpreted this song . hope you guys like it . 

Hell Week .

this past week has been Strictly Funk’s “hell/heaven” week in order to prep for our big show this weekend . im pretty sure i’ve been on UPenn’s campus more than my own this past week and my schedule has gotten pretty crazy ..

Sunday -  rehearsal from 12pm-12am

Monday - rehearsal from 5pm - 12am

Tuesday - rehearsal from 5pm 12 am

Wednesday (today) - dress rehearsal from 5pm - 3am

Thurs, Fri, Sat - SHOWTIME !

i haven’t slept much or if at all this whole week.. but i don’t regret a single moment . getting to know my fellow dancers on the group as well as just dancing non-stop has just been amazing . im in disbelief that the past couple months of hard work is finally culminating in our show this weekend . i absolutely cannot wait to just pour my heart out on that stage with the rest of my funk fam . its gonna be NUTS . 

so if you’re in the philly area.. you CANNOT miss this show !

Strictly Funk Presents SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

Iron Gate Theatre - 37th & Chestnut

Nov 3, 4, 5 (Thurs-Fri) 

8:00PM - 10:30PM (doors open at 7:30PM)

**tickets are $10 on Locust Walk or if you contact me to get some reserved ! and $12 at the door **

tickets sell out soon so if you haven’t got yours yet GET EM NOWWW .

check out our teaser trailer:


hope to see your lovely faces there ;]