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lost in reverie .

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it’s been a few months since i last taught a class, but here’s footage of my latest piece to “together” by sam smith, disclosure, nile rodgers, and jimmy napes .  taught this for my strictly funk alum class in philly at upenn this past weekend .

pretty sure i had this track on loop for about 2 weeks when i first heard it . anything with disclosure or sam smith can do no wrong !

footage from my strictly funk alum class this past weekend in philly ! 

thanks to everyone who came out to take class ! so much fun . body rolls for days . 

here’s a piece i taught this past weekend for the Strictly Funk alum workshops in Philly to “let me blow your mind” by eve and gwen stefani . first formal class ive taught since i moved to nyc .

much love and thanks to everyone who came to take class ! dope gettin down with everyone . 

E.P.I.C. Motion’s 2nd place set at PRIDE 5 . so much love to the dance fam and to all those who supported us on our journey . had to work through alot this season- juggling missed time in the aftermath of Sandy with back to back long nights of rehearsal with the craziness of work and life in general but- we pulled through .

cheers to PD fam bam and Static Noyze for placing and the rest of the east coast dance community ! 

left it all on that stage . 

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ellen kim 

oof . these ladies keepin it sexy, yet classy ! to one of my favorite frank ocean tracks too !

I was really hesitant in uploading this video.. this was a project I worked on some months ago that was very close to my heart . Made this piece as a gift for someone who was very special to me . haven’t watched it in a while since i’ve had it locked away . so strange seeing it now after some time . 

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed creating it .

Directed, shot, and edited by Alex Nguyen .

much love .

Passionately Yours,


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mariel madrid. the name threw me, have to get used to that ha. her musicality tho!

haha gotta get used to the new last name .. but damn ! footwork is on point- diggin that house flow . musicality fo sho . 

my first appearance in a bdc instructor’s video ! took chio yamada’s jazz/funk class this past saturday for national dance day, that studio was extra hot for some reason- felt like i was in a hot yoga class ha . first of many video appearances to come !

props to one of my strictly funk homies joe forzano who was in the select group in the first group !

Just got out of a dope class with candace brown ! #bdc #dancelife (Taken with Instagram)

Just got out of a dope class with candace brown ! #bdc #dancelife (Taken with Instagram)

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hahahahaha dope

"love me, love me.. say that you’ll love me ."

piece i choreographed and performed last summer with my good friend jerlyn phan . got deleted off my last youtube channel, and since its getting closer to summer .. i thought id re-up it on my new channel ! 

Quick Crew - The Birds (part 1) by The Weeknd

Quick Crew + The Weeknd equates to nothing but sheer brilliant art . feeling crazy inspired right now.. 

"so don’t you fall in love..
don’t make me make you fall in love..
don’t make me make you fall in love with a nigga like me,
nobody needs to fall in love .
i swear I’m just a bird..
girl, I’m just another bird..
don’t make me make you fall in love with a nigga like me,
like me .”