lost in reverie .

lost in reverie .

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meandering musings from the mind of an eccentrically eclectic escape artist .

"so young .. and full of running, 

 all the way to the edge of desire ..

 steady not breathing, silently screaming ..

 i have to have you now ..

 wired and i’m tired..

 think i’ll sleep in my clothes on the floor ..

 or maybe this mattress .. will spin on its axis ..

 and find me on yours ?”

this is my piece to “Edge Of Desire” by John Mayer that i taught my class this week . so happy to see my dancers really getting into the choreography ! making this particular piece just kinda .. came together organically . got a lot on my mind lately and just reflecting on some things in the past really contributed to how i interpreted this song . hope you guys like it . 

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